Ramblings - 40 years in the game and counting!

Ramblings - 40 years in the game and counting!

On the eve before 9/11, Friday night, watched this movie “ Unhinged” .  About Road rage that  triggered an unhinged man into further violent murders. I swore never to get into road rages incidents

Fast forward, crisp Sunday morning at the golf course. At 10th hole, I stepped up to tee off, heard a commotion behind me, puzzled l swiveled my head behind and saw this tall blond guy , part of a threesome, standing ready to hit the ball , I heard my partner say, “NO, there is no point, no space in front,  you cannot play through”. This guy standing on the tee is arguing. He is really arguing about going through and playing in front of us.

I literally lost it, heard myself shouting No, No and No. The answer is No!

With that, I stepped up and struck the ball with all my force, it skitted off course, into the trees and I assumed probably unplayable or lost. I leapt up, grabbed another ball from my bag, and hit a provisional ball

I heard howls behind me, - you can’t  do that they yelled, and appealed to other  players who declined to be involved.

I jumped up and down, danced around and stepped off. I was no humble Jackie Robinson

Now, rules and sportsmanship in golf, allows players behind you to request  to play  through if you are slow, fooling around, stop to eat and not keeping pace. WE were keeping pace, I stopped to use the bathroom, was still ahead of them. I could not understand why this group thought it is ok for us to stand aside and let them hit while there is no open hole ahead, and to demand, argue, not request that they be allowed to play through was incredibly, incredibly disrespectful. I just could not believe it

MY question was why, why did he think he had the right and privilege to just step up on the 10th hole and expect me to move out. Why?

It is Monday, And I am still asking the question

This was my second encounter in one week that I challenged a privileged white man directly in this behavior. Am I changing course? Am I becoming unhinged?

My normal behavior is to be more tactical and smarter.


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triBBBal 2020 3 yrs


triBBBal 2020 3 yrs

Good writing, very vivid!

Kene PL 3 yrs

Smh. Sooooooo frustrating!